Data fluency essentials in virtual, engaging experience

virtual, ENGAGING TEAM-BASED learning

Just as Seth Godin has revolutionized the MBA with his altMBA program, we seek to revolutionize data fluency education. Each of us needs a boost, inspiration, and evolution. Our Data Fluency Accelerator does just that through team-based learning using carefully curated content with excellent coaches guiding students.

We take the best of our Critical Data Thinking & Communication program and put it into an intensive, six-week virtual experience to provide you data fluency essentials. You work closely with your team on problems that will challenge you to elevate your data fluency.

The six-week Data Fluency Accelerator covers the following core areas:

  • Problem framing & data science lifecycle
  • Data discovery, understanding, & exploration
  • Turning data insights into action
  • Data visualization & design
  • Communicating with data
  • Data privacy & ethics

The Data Fluency Accelerator is 100% virtual but through our use of Zoom and Slack we provide an environment that is equally engaging to any classroom. Further, we emphasize relationship building of persons in communities and design teams and pods to accommodate this.

    Move beyond the data with our Data Fluency Accelerator and be able to frame problems, critically think about data, discover insights and turn into action, and tell stories with and around data.

    how it works

    Two weeks prior to class beginning you will be placed into your team and a pod. Everyone is introduced and given access to their team and pod Slack channels. Further, you will receive learning materials in the form of books, audio file links, video links, and other online reading. You and fellow students will tackle these and start contributing to the Slack community and engage with each other.

    Once class officially begins you and fellow students in your pod will be given an in-person time to meet each week. These meetings will be around specific topics like data privacy and ethics for example. These learnings will be shared with pod and discussions engaged with first your team and then the entire pod. Instructors will be engaging in this discussion but we believe students learn most from each other as they share.

    Each week you as an individual and/or part of a team will be given one or more exercises to complete. Further, there will be additional readings, listenings, or viewings to capture and engage online around.

    The goal of this course is to get you to engage with each other closely around data doing a variety of exercises. That way you can better frame problems, gain insights and turn into actions, and tell stories with and around data.