Our Mission

Our mission is simple... help our client's vision become reality through data fluency, product development, and customer experience.  We believe that these three competencies come together to drive maximum customer and organizational value. In order to help our clients, we offer the following services:

  • Coaching
  • Audits
  • Workshops
  • Training

We look forward to partnering with you to make your vision a reality.

Coaching: In order for your vision to become a reality it must turn into a strategy and a roadmap to get you there. We coach and advise you through this process. You could be starting out or you could have an experienced team and just need a fresh perspective to supercharge your growth. We perform strategy and roadmap coaching around customer experience, data/analytics, and product.

Audits: Most of us don't like the "A" word, but the first step of getting where you want to be is knowing where you are. We offer comprehensive people, process, and technology audits of customer experience, data fluency, and product that helps ensure you have an up-to-date understanding of where you are, gaps that exist, and recommendations.

Workshops: One of the areas that is a challenge is maximizing the use of data in organizations to make data informed decisions to deliver the right products and provide the right customer experience. In these workshops we work to innovate and strategize on how your organization can utilize data to drive value. Note these workshops are most effective after a data audit. In addition to data fluency & strategy workshops, we provide similar workshops related to customer experience and product.

Training: While we enjoy working with our clients, we believe that our clients are best off if they continue to develop talent internally in strategic areas like customer, data, and product. Accordingly, we offer a variety of training that is customized to organizations based on where they are in the maturity curve of each of these areas. 

For data-utilizing professionals, please make sure to check out our new Critical Data Thinking & Communication Certificate offered in partnership with Minnesota State University - Mankato @ Edina (7700 France) starting February 2018. More information here.