data fluency accelerator

intensive | team-based | virtual | engaging

virtual, team-based, intensive data fluency

The Data Fluency Accelerator is an intensive, six-week virtual experience to provide your team data fluency essentials. They will work closely on problems that will challenge them to elevate their data fluency. The Accelerator covers the following core areas:

  • Problem framing and data science lifecycle
  • Data discovery, understanding, and exploration
  • Identifying data insights and turning them into action
  • Communicating with data and data visualization
  • Data privacy and data ethics

The Accelerator is 100% virtual but through our use of Zoom and Slack we provide an environment that is equally engaging to any classroom.

Move your team beyond the data with our Data Fluency Accelerator and be able to frame problems, critically think about data, discover insights and turn into action, and tell stories with and around data.

Our Fall 2018 Data Fluency Accelerator is invite only. If you have interest in getting an invite for this Accelerator contact us.