Data fluency essentials in an engaging, in-person experience

Close & engaging experience

Our Data Fluency Workshop structures an intensive 1-3 day(s) data fluency journey. This is not just an exercise in enhancing data fluency essential knowledge but also team building between activities.

In consultation with the workshop sponsor, we take the best of our Critical Data Thinking & Communication program and put it into an intensive, workshop experience. Ideally this will include an interdisciplinary team that will be working together on data-related problems in their daily roles. The Data Fluency Workshop is recommended to be in person but can be virtual if situation requires.

Move beyond the data with our Data Fluency Workshop and be able to frame problems, critically think about data, discover insights and turn into action, and tell stories with and around data.

how it works

Initially we work with the workshop sponsor to ensure that the workshop is customized to her needs. This includes putting together preparatory material to be provided to workshop participants prior. Primary data fluency workshop topics include:

  • Problem framing & data science lifecycle
  • Data discovery, understanding, & exploration
  • Turning data insights into action
  • Data visualization & design
  • Communicating with data
  • Data privacy & ethics

Once it is the day of the workshop everything starts out to be many-to-many learning where students learn and teach other through the exercises performed. Just as important is the emphasis in team building during these workshops.

Why the workshop

Organizations choose the Data Fluency Workshop over the other offerings because they prefer the intense focus and accelerated learning in a close team-based environment. Students in the workshop will not get the same data fluency depth but will still benefit significantly and efficiently.

These workshops are beneficial when significant projects resulting in organizational change are occurring or new data-oriented initiatives are being driven. However, these are only a couple of the many reasons why organizations look to have a Data Fluency Workshop.