Intersection of data fluency & design thinking

Design thinking is an approach made famous by IDEO and Stanford’s The premise is everyone is creative and that the human should be at the center of design. It aims to provide a framework to design things that are desirable, feasible, and viable. The design thinking approach is a six-step process of framing a question, gathering inspiration, generating ideas, making ideas tangible, testing to learn, and sharing the story. Going through this process can be linear but often isn’t.

Now ask does data fluency play a role in design thinking? The answer is definitively yes! Design thinking is a mentality of framing problems, generating ideas, testing ideas and telling stories. Data fluency stresses a similar process. Further, when determining desirable, feasible, and viable you certainly need to understand what the data indicates. Additionally, data fluency is always focused on the pain of people whether internal or external customers just like design thinking has the human in the center and their pain and needs.

As a next step, learn more about design thinking and human-centered design pioneered at IDEO. Or, if up to the challenge take the 90-minute virtual design thinking crash course at

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